Shanghai Pride!

June 18, 2009

By Elena Garcia

Shanghai Pride at Cotton's It was the closet door creak heard round the world! In a place where so many things are forbidden and blocked, one might think that social revolution wouldn’t be possible. But Shanghai has proved otherwise! Kinda.

Shanghai recently experienced it’s first ever Shanghai Pride!

(Tell the girls in San Francisco to move over because Shanghai heard I was coming and left the closet door wide open!)

Now this wasn’t my normal Pride celebration with big Pink parties blocking off Castro Street and a feather filled parade down Market but it was good enough! It provided Shanghai with a small taste of what openness and acceptance is and can be. There was no parade because of the many issues that one would expect to come with putting together a first time ever Pride event! (But after celebrating the night before on Castro Street who ever wakes up early enough to fight the crowds and watch the parade anyway?) Shanghai made up for it with an ENTIRE WEEK of events!

The weeklong celebration consisted of film screenings, wine tasting, and barbeques at some of Shanghai’s hottest and most exclusive spots! An all day barbeque at Cotton’s had amazing entertainment! Everything from Drag Queens to Weddings and of course scantily clad men!

China still has its reservation about the LGBT community and there is still an incredible amount of progress that should occur [click here to read an article from NPR] but the events that DID happen were fun, exciting and everyone was just having a good time! (Government officials canceled some of the events because of the reason de jour but nothing seemed to stop the force behind Shanghai Pride!)

It was just what the doctor ordered for my homesickness.

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