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November 20, 2008

By Elena Garcia

On Tuesday, I scheduled a pick up with the Salvation Army for today. During the scheduling they said the truck would arrive between 9 am and 5 pm (typical) but they would provide me with a more specific time the day of, I just had to call. So at about 9 am this morning I called the 1-800 number provided and they informed me that the truck would be by between 9 and 12:30… not so bad. Well 12:30 came and went and so I called again and asked. They said the truck would be there by 1:30. So I waited, starving, I waited. Well guess what, 1:30 came and went and so did 2:30 and so I called again. And of course right when I start to call the bell rings and its the truck!! Hurray!!

I get that they are picking up the things for free but we donated well over 2,000 dollars worth of stuff, give me a break!! At least that crap is out, the more I get out now the less stress I have. Moving is hard, moving where you have to get rid of basically everything and store everything else is harder. I miss my towels.

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November 18, 2008

By Elena Garcia

HA! That’s right I went to Chinatown. To prep for the move? Nope. I went because I was looking for a giant duffle bag to use as a mean to get my clothes to Shanghai. I needed something HUGE!!! Massive!! and cheap. So I picked up Angelica and we went on an adventure. I told her what I was looking for, “a duffel bag I could hide a human body in… except it’s gonna be for clothes.” She, thinking wisely, suggested Chinatown. San Francisco’s Chinatown, is the mecca for knick knacks and cheap things. They have everything from stink bombs to dried fish (same thing?).  I figured this trip would be a way to get some cheap body bags and it would be practice for the big move. San Francisco does have the most Chinese people outside of China. So we found parking (although the 30 bus would have been a better idea) and we started off. Neither of us knew where we were going. We knew we needed to find a store that sold luggage, massive luggage. The great thing about Chinatown is that most of the stores display their selections right out on the sidewalk, so if a store carried luggage they would have an assortment sitting out for all to see. So we walked down the crowded streets, maneuvering past the restaurant deliveries, the fruits stands, grocery stores and clothing stores. We smelled the delightful smell of dried sea life and let the lifeless fish stare at as blankly from their pile. I must say the smells of Chinatown are hard to get use to, I am not sure if Shanghai will smell like that but boy will it be rough. I just can’t warm up to the smell of fish, sweets and wet towel, its just not nice. Well, we maneuvered through the streets of San Francisco and found a small hole in the wall with a bag big enough to hold me and it was only $19.95!! I got two, a black one for me and a blue one for Garrett. The problem now is that they fight so much, they easily weigh over 50lbs which is the limit for luggage.

I went to our airlines website and its so confusing! Whoever wrote that really needs to not be so dumb. Seriously! There are like 5 different sections that explain your luggage limitations. According to some this depends on where you are going and where you are coming from. Except the chart shows one column for all the locations and each location has a row showing the weight limitations. But the US and China have their own rows… so which do I use. I am coming from the US but I am going to China??? They also explain that for every pound that you are over the limit they charge you 1.5% of your ticket price. So when you check in, do they look up how much you paid and do the math? That’s insane to me, SO much work. Any who, at the end of the day I have no idea what my weight limit is and how much it will cost me when I exceed it. And I will exceed it. I am moving to China for a year and I have an amazing shoe collection. Duh!

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The Packing Begins…

November 14, 2008

By Elena Garcia

I’ve been packing my apartment for the last week, saying good bye to San Francisco. Everyday I get that much closer to moving to China. Two weeks and 2 days before we leave. There is so much to do, so much to pack and so many good byes to say.

I am so sad about leaving my perfect little San Francisco apartment. The high ceilings, the exposed sprinklers, the molding, the giant closet and bay windows, ohh how they will be missed by me. This was such a good apartment to me. I love it… Frankie loves it. This is his home. But now we say good bye. I know China will be amazing, it’s just hard to leave a place you love sooo much! Yes, I heart SF!!

Tomorrow, we’re holding a garage sale and getting rid of alot of crap, which is awesome. But we’re also getting rid of so much of our stuff. I know it’s just stuff but there are memories attached to those things and it’s sad to part with them.

Ahhh…. saying good bye is hard to do… well only the future knows what is in store for me.

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